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Promote, Improve & Gather Genuine Reviews, to:

Grow Your Book Sales -

With the 80/20 of Book Marketing.

With four tools in one to help improve your book for readers, submit book promo-tions, generate profitable keywords for AMS & gather genuine reader reviews.

Last Software Update: 10th January, 2023.

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Gather Reviews

An overview of our contact mining feature to gain reviews in KDROI v2.

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Improve Your Book

An overview of our review mining feature to improve your book in KDROI v2.

Feature #3

Book Promotions

An overview of our promo-tions feature to launch your book in KDROI v2.

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AMS Keywords

An overview of our Keyword generation feature for AMS advertising in KDROI v2.

Get Genuine Book Reviews

With Automatic Contact Mining Of Existing Reviewers

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It's the one thing you can never have enough of – reviews!

The reality is, less than 3% of your readers will actually leave their feedback ... and improving on that comes with a fine balance of staying compliant with Amazon.

Want a simpler way to get in contact with "proven" reviewers?

Well, for every review that's left on your competitor's books – on Amazon – that review is assigned to a user profile...

And within that profile, reviewers have the option to leave their social media and website contact details.

And that ... allows you to reach them.

The hard part is scanning 10'000's of reviews to find those profiles that left their details.

It'll take weeks.

With KDROI v2 however, we'll scan 10,000's of profiles from 100+ related books in your niche... (NO restrictions on the amount of contacts you can download).

And find all the reviewer details for you.

All you need to do is download the .csv file.

And you're free to conduct a social media outreach campaign – and offer then a review copy of your book in exchange for a review.

Here's how it works:

Step 1:

Find the category that most aligns with your book

Before running KDROI, simply choose an Amazon book category – or sub-category – that closely aligns with your Kindle, Paperback or Hardcover book.

Step 2:

Select the number of books to scan

You'll be given the option to choose how many books – in this category – you'd like to scan for reviewer contact details. (Up to 100 books per category).

Step 3:

Your project will then be sent for processing

KDROI will then give you an ETA on how long your project will take. In the meantime, KDROI will work in the background to mine 10,000+ profiles for their contact details.

Step 4:

Download a .csv containing your contacts

After processing, you'll be given a .csv file containing the contact details of reviewers in this category, which you can immediately use for your outreach campaign.

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Improve Your Book

With Qualitative Analysis of Your Niche Market 

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In order to sell a large volume of books, you first need to gain "attention" from your target audience with your book title and cover.

Once you gain that attention...

Your book needs to build "interest" in what you have to offer.

While building interest, your job is to stroke the "desire" of your readers.

Many authors struggle with these elements of their book...

As it requires a certain ("marketer") mindset.

Whether you see yourself as a marketer or not...

These elements are what get your book(s) sold.

And it's important you understand them in your niche market.

The key to which all comes down to adopting one thing: EMPATHY.

You may think you know your target market inside out, and that is why many authors fail.

With the volume of user comments, blogs, and forums online today...

it's never been easier to step inside the mind of your prospective readers.

And one of the best places to gain market insights – that you can use to improve your book, your title, book description & TOC...

Can all come from – Amazon reviews.

With KDROI v2, you have a simple way to download the most "insightful" reviews in your niche...

Allowing you to gain a competitor advantage...

Using powerful niche market "Qualitative Data Analysis".

Here's how it works:

Step 1:

Select a book on Amazon

Simply find your Kindle, Paperback or Hardcover book – or a competitors book on Amazon – and click on KDROI.

Step 2:

Choose your review options

You'll be presented with a choice of the type of reviews you want, how many, and various sorting options. Ones that will give you the most "valuable insights". Then, click Continue.

Step 3:

Your project will be sent for processing

Within the project screen, your review request will be sent for processing. Giving you an ETA for available download. Once complete, you'll get a link to download these reviews in a .csv or .txt file.

Step 4:

Download a .csv or .txt file containing your reviews

After KDROI has finished processing, you'll be given the option to download a .csv or .txt file containing your reviews, which you can immediately sort through and mine for niche market insights to improve your book.

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