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Last Software Update: 14th September, 2023.

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We pay $48.50 referral commission on anyone who purchases.

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"After first releasing KDROI in 2015 – we've done over 124 updates and 3 major feature upgrades. In that time we've focus heavily on improving our software based on user feedback and suggestions. It's one of the reasons we've been successfully operating for over 7 years and accumulated over 54,053+ users across our software(s) in that time. Based on that – you can rest assured you're not only promoting a quality software, but one that will be here for a long time to come. And one that your friends and customers will thank you for introducing them to."

"Wesley is the King of Over-Delivering." – Danika Bloom, USA Today Bestselling Author

Extract the contact details of proven reviewers from the top 100+ books in any niche category.

✅ Submit your free and 0.99c book promotion to over 37+ websites in under 60 seconds.

Generate 1000+ profitable keywords for use with Amazon AMS advertising.

Improve your book for readers by deeply understanding your target audience.

Save time and money with and our "one-click" 80/20 book marketing plugin.

RISK-FREE 60-day money back guarantee.

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Feature #1

Gather Reviews

An overview of our contact mining feature to gain reviews in KDROI v2.

Feature #2

Improve Your Book

An overview of our review mining feature to improve your book in KDROI v2.

Feature #3

Book Promotions

An overview of our promo-tions feature to launch your book in KDROI v2.

feature #4

AMS Keywords

An overview of our Keyword generation feature for AMS advertising in KDROI v2.

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Email Swipe #1

Reviews & Contacts Extraction

Email Swipe #2

Improve Your Book w/ QA

Email Swipe #3

Book Promotions

Email Swipe #4

1000+ AMS Keywords

Some customer emails

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We pay $48.50 referral commission on anyone who purchases.

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