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What’s New With KDROI v2

Find below –– the changelog for KDROI. Which includes the latest updates, bug fixes, and new features. If you notice any issues, please log them here.

Latest Updates:

23rd June 2022 (v 2.0.48) Fix for page load in .es

Previous Update(s):

10th June 2022 (v 2.0.47) Added physical product contact(s) extraction
10th June 2022 (v 2.0.46) Added physical product review(s) extraction
01st June 2022 (v 2.0.45) Optimization of backend server
23rd May 2022 (v 2.0.44) Added BookPromotion.com to site submissions
18th May 2022 (v 2.0.43) Added ChoosyBookWork to site submissions
22nd April 2022 (v 2.0.43) Book Title Fix on Extract Contacts
14th March 2022 (v 2.0.42) Added support for Audible categories
14th March 2022 (v 2.0.41) Added new settings menu
14th March 2022 (v 2.0.40) Added new region dropdown
3rd March 2022 (v 2.0.39) Submission Date GUI fix for EU countries
3rd March 2022 (v 2.0.38) Profile URL fix & Paragraph Styling for Submissions
25th February 2022 (v 2.0.37) Minor changes to Manifest for discoverability
17th February 2022 (v 2.0.32) Fix for First and Last name on Site Submissions form
16th February 2022 (v 2.0.31) V2 Launch – 3 new features & updated sites for submission (38)

Finally, it’s LIVE.

KDROI v2 – after 9 months of work – is available to you now in your member’s area. If you have KDROI installed already, your version should auto-update shortly. Please watch the overview video below to see what’s new.

I hope you enjoy it.


I’d love to get your feedback on this update.

Talk soon,