What’s New with KDROI v2

Find below, the changelog for KDROI v2. Which includes the latest updates, bug fixes, and new features. If you notice any issues whatsoever, please log them on our support desk.

Latest Update:

22nd June 2024 (v 2.1.3) Update of extension from MV2 to MV3 in line with Chrome MV2 deactivation.

22nd June 2024 (v 2.1.3) Removal of book submission sites that have broken forms or deactivated websites causing failures.

Previous Update(s):

19th May 2024 (v 2.1.2) Book Submission Form — Auto-fill Fix

14th September 2023 (v 2.0.61) Book images missing; now fixed.

14th April 2023 (v 2.0.58) Integrations with updated to FreeBookTips.com submission form for KDP Promotions.

10th January 2023 (v 2.0.57) Support added for ‘New Releases’ bestsellers on Amazon.

05th December 2022 (v 2.0.53) Export link to provide “loading message” on click (until file downloaded).

30th November 2022 (v 2.0.51) Bug fixes re: login & projects.

10th October 2022 (v 2.0.48) Data fix: Amazon category changes

23rd June 2022 (v 2.0.48) Fix for page load in .es

10th June 2022 (v 2.0.47) Physical product contact(s) extraction

10th June 2022 (v 2.0.46) Physical product review(s) extraction

01st June 2022 (v 2.0.45) Optimization of backend server

23rd May 2022 (v 2.0.44) Added BookPromotion.com.

18th May 2022 (v 2.0.43) Added ChoosyBookWork.

22nd April 2022 (v 2.0.43) Book Title Fix on Extract Contacts

14th March 2022 (v 2.0.42) Added support for Audible categories

14th March 2022 (v 2.0.41) Added new settings menu

14th March 2022 (v 2.0.40) Added new region dropdown

3rd March 2022 (v 2.0.39) Submission date GUI fix for EU countries

3rd March 2022 (v 2.0.38) Profile URL fix for form submissions.

25th February 2022 (v 2.0.37) Minor changes to Manifest.

17th February 2022 (v 2.0.32) Site submissions form fix.

16th February 2022 (v 2.0.31) V2 Launch (3 additional features).